A comprehensive training program for PhD STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students and graduates.

These Courses have been developed to assist you transfer the knowledge gained during your studies into marketable products.

Introductory Session

An innovative Training Programme developed through an EU-funded project entitled "A European University-Business Alliance aiming to foster young SCIEntists' ENTrepreneurial [...]

Self Assessment

Self-Awareness is the basis of self development. This course will help you explore the subject of entrepreneurial skills,performed a self-assessment on whether you have the necessary [...]

Personal Resources

Have an understanding on how your personal resources and soft skills are important ingredients to your success as entrepreneurs. Learn how to develop important entrepreneurial soft skills [...]

From Individual to Teamwork

Entrepreneurs need a great team to surround themselves with. How do we build this great team? This module concentrates on the importance [...]

Development & Commercialisation

This course covers one of the most important fields of Entreprenuership skill. It helps you understand how to transform an idea into business [...]


What is a Value Proposition, and what is a value proposition Canvas, the value of knowing your customer and how you can know them it better. In [...]

Test your

Why testing your assumptuion is so importgant! How to test your customers profile and how to value propositions validation, whats prototyping. Find [...]

Business Model Canvas

Learn all about The Business Model Canvas. Your business model on one page. A global standard used by millions of people in companies of all sizes. You can use the canvas to [...]

From BMC to
Lean Business Plan

Learn how to match the old with the new "school", Learn how to transform a Business model canvas to a Lean Business Plan

IPR Issues

From the start of the idea conception, founders of start-ups need to start thinking of how they can protect their IPR in order to avoid any disputes, [...].

Open Innovation

Understand the concept of Open Innovation, Recognize the difference between Open Innovation and Closed Innovation, Understand [...]

Funding Opportunities

No money to start a business, no Problem! Learn about the initial stages of financing and the bootstrapping concept, be informed about the EU [...]

Pitching Skills

Understand the importance of pitching, acquire the skills of public speaking, Learn the structure of a successful pitch and how to Communicate your [...]

Next Steps

Its all about You! This course will help you Create your Personal Development Plan and design your personal path to Entreprenuership.

About Us

SCIENT is a European University ­ Business Alliance aiming to foster young Scientists' Entrepreneurial spirit. Learn more on "About Us" page.

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